A new way to engage with SME clients.

Lyanthe is market leader in providing end-to-end white labeled banking solutions to fully automate your clients administration process.

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Why PSD 2 is an opportunity for banks.

Increasing digitisation and changing regulation (like PSD2) will close the ‘experience’ gap between banking and bookkeeping. With transaction information and initiation bookkeeping applications are as real-time as any online banking application today. It is very likely that business owners will choose the bookkeeping application over the online banking application in the near future.

Proven technology

Proven technology

Rely on a partner that has managed growth and is processing over 2 million documents for leading companies in the industry. Creating a scalable solution requires a partner that can support growth and reliability.
Easy whitelable

Easy whitelable

Why reinvent a process that hasn't changed over the last 500 years? This is why Lyanthe offers full white labeled solutions so banks can focus on client engagement.
Trusted partner

Trusted partner

Together with some of the leading banks in Europe, Lyanthe has developed cutting edge solutions that integrate with core banking systems and fully automate client administrational processes.

Banking interface

Welcome to a new era in banking.

Lyanthe offers seamless integration through a customizable white labeled platform into any banking platform. The flexibility of the platform is the main raison why banks use our platform to build a bookkeeping solution on. The platform is highly customizable in language, look and feel to match the needs and requirements of any bank.
Lyanthe can ensure a multi-bank solution through its AISP and PISP license. This allows Lyanthe to provide deep insights to SME Business owners over multiple accounts and easy acces to payment initiation of invoices. These insights in payment and invoice information also provides banks the opportunity to support invoice finance solutions to SME Business owners.


The combination of banking and bookkeeping offers a unique opportunity for banks.

of freelancers and SME business owners lack basic bookkeeping knowledge.
of freelancers and SME business owners process all, or part, of the bookkeeping themselves
of freelancers and SME business owners feel insecure about their financial situation

In order to remain successful in the future, we as a bank focus on strategic partnerships that offer added value for our customers. We are therefore very happy with the partnership with Lyanthe.