17 July, 2020

Collaboration 216 Accountants and Lyanthe

Last week, 216 Accountants and Lyanthe entered into a partnership to focus on fully digitizing and automating the pre-accounting process. This means that incoming and outgoing invoices, where necessary, are robotised at line level based on the Dutch General Ledger Schedule (RGS) and taking into account sector requirements. And this goes beyond the traditional scanning and recognition of a receipt.

Richard Smid (Chairman of the Board of 216 Accountants): “We experience that the standard compliance activities in accountancy are changing, and that these activities will no longer offer added value to the customer in their need for periodical management information. That is why we are constantly looking for collaboration with innovative ‘best of breed’ software solutions with a focus on customer needs and experience. Thanks to better access to real-time data, standardization and automation of processes, we can streamline our basic services and provide our customers with better insights. As a partner, Lyanthe meets all these criteria.”

Collaboration 216 Accountants and Lyanthe

Jochem Baars (Managing Partner Lyanthe): “The collaboration with 216 Accountants shows that Lyanthe has taken the right path with its vision on ‘always on accounting’. Our goal is, together with our partners, to process data faster so that entrepreneurs and business owners receive financial information earlier. We are also pleased with the appreciation for the advice we gave in setting up RGS and rationalizing general ledger codes. Once again confirmation that knowledge of the market, and RGS in particular, is crucial in optimizing the work process. ”

About 216 Accountants
216 Accountants arose in 2015 when an IT company took over a traditional SME practice from a renowned accountancy organization. 216 Accountants takes a pioneering role in developing changes that are necessary within the accountancy sector, without losing sight of the customer focus and customer experience. Automation and standardization is the “key to success” within the strategy of this innovative office. 216 Accountants currently employs more than 70 professionals, who work from nine branches throughout the Netherlands.