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100% data capture for developers.

The Lyanthe Data Extraction API provides a universal invoice extraction service based on Artificial Intelligence and human quality control. The only way to guarantee 100% human accuracy.

What you need to know

100% human quality control

Unlike traditional OCR tools, our service guarantees 100% human quality control on every invoice processed. This is thanks to our deep learning technology that infers the underlying general structure of invoices.

Our API supports all invoices in latin roman script (western alphabet). Our model covers the full standard taxonomy of invoice data, as detailed in our documentation.

Get API access to start processing invoices.

Request access

Please fill in your contact information to request access to our API by clicking the button above. Your request will be reviewed by our team who will get in contact.


If you are getting started, we recommend the Lyanthe, World Developer Guide as a practical primer, and the API Overview as a high-level introduction.

Code examples

The Developer Portal provides a variety of resources for working with the Lyanthe REST API, and example components you can use to jump-start your integration.

Try our API and unleash capturing power.

Lyanthe processes over 2 million invoices per month, for the leading accountancy companies in Europe.

In order to remain successful in the future, we as a bank focus on strategic partnerships that offer added value for our customers. We are therefore very happy with the partnership with Lyanthe.