12 April, 2018

Lyanthe proud of achieving ISAE 3402 Type II

Lyanthe is a service organization that works for larger software companies, accountancy firms, banks and other businesses. For assurance reasons she decided in 2017 to invest in an ISAE 3402 report. This describes how Lyanthe controls the processes; how she deals with risk management, information security and anti-fraud.

If a service organization has an ISAE 3402 report, it is not necessary for the accountant of the outsourcing party to check the processes at the service organization, as these have been checked by another external auditor.

In case of Lyanthe, this has been done by SGV & Co. Philippines, a renowned member of the worldwide EY (Ernst & Young) network.

There are two types of ISAE 3402 reports: a type I report and a type II report. In a type I audit, the auditor determines whether the control measures are well-designed and also exist at one specific time. In a type II audit, the auditor establishes for a period of at least six months whether the control measures have actually worked during this period. Lyanthe can proudly announce that since the beginning of 2018 it has an ISAE 3402 type II report.


In order to remain successful in the future, we as a bank focus on strategic partnerships that offer added value for our customers. We are therefore very happy with the partnership with Lyanthe.