5 November, 2019

Lyanthe receives FD Gazellen Award 2019

For a third consecutive year Lyanthe receives the FD Gazellen Award as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Lyanthe has received this award because it has achieved over twenty percent growth in turnover over the past three years. The FD Gazellen Award is awarded every year by the Financieel Dagblad, the leading financial newspaper in the Netherlands.

“Receiving the FD Gazellen Award for a third year in a row is what makes us extremely proud. Lyanthe has shown great consistency over the last six years and we are not done growing. The best is yet to come …,” said Jochem Baars, managing partner at Lyanthe. “Lyanthe has done a lot of investments in our robotic accounting solution and we already see the fruits of our labour. Our new robotic accounting solution is truly helping our clients to further automise their accounting business!”.

About Lyanthe
Lyanthe emerged from a collaboration between accountants and IT specialists in 2012. The founders’ ambition was to become the game changer and industry leader in the field of robotic accounting. Lyanthe started by combining OCR software, machine learning and manual verification, to fully outsource administrative processes. Lyanthe is now digitizing more than 150.000 invoices daily for some of the largest accounting firms in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Currently Lyanthe employs over 450 service professionals, ranging from accountants to IT specialists and document analysts. In the coming years Lyanthe will continue to invest in the development of new applications to further automate administrative processes. And this year Lyanthe also received its ISO 27001 certificate.

In 2019 Lyanthe launched their new robotic accounting solution. This solution has already shown an 80% automation of administrational processes with launching customers. Next year will also see the launch of new services made in collaboration with some of the leading banks in Europe. “We are fortunate to work as a silent partner for leading accountancy firms and financial institutions. The FD Gazellen Award is public recognition of our work and an encouragement to continue our efforts.”


Om ook in de toekomst succesvol te blijven, richten wij ons als bank op strategische partnerships die meerwaarde bieden voor onze klanten. We zijn dan ook erg blij met de samenwerking met Lyanthe.