30 October, 2018

Lyanthe winner of FD Gazellen Award

For a second consecutive year Lyanthe receives the FD Gazellen Award as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The FD Gazellen Award, which is awarded every year by the Financieele Dagblad, is an award for companies that have achieved over twenty percent growth in turnover over the past three years.
“This is the second year that we receive the FD Gazellen Award, and what an honor it is! Also because of the fact that the criteria sharpened this year.” In addition to growth, financial health and a positive net result were important conditions to qualify for the award this year. “You know you are growing a healthy business, but receiving this award is a recognition of that fact and it is a great compliment to the entire team!” said Jochem Baars, member of the management team at Lyanthe.

About Lyanthe
Lyanthe emerged from a collaboration between accountants and IT specialists in 2012. By combining OCR software, machine learning and manual verification Lyanthe offers solutions to fully outsource administrative processes. Lyanthe is now digitizing more than 10 million invoices annually for some of the largest accounting firms in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In addition, Lyanthe provides integrated solutions for accounting software suppliers and financial institutions. Currently Lyanthe employs over 450 service professionals, ranging from accountants to IT specialists and document analysts.

In the coming years Lyanthe will continue to invest in the development of new applications to further automate administrative processes. Moreover Lyanthe will expand its services to other European countries. “We are fortunate to work with a number of leading financial service providers. Because of PSD2 we now receive requests for our services from all over Europe. The FD Gazellen Award is an encouragement to continue our efforts. ”


In order to remain successful in the future, we as a bank focus on strategic partnerships that offer added value for our customers. We are therefore very happy with the partnership with Lyanthe.