23 February, 2021

Providing a seamless solution for accountants

TOCO and Lyanthe have decided to work more closely together by providing service that connect seamlessly. A huge step towards helping accountants in achieving their ambition of provinding always on accounting to SMEs.

What do the two companies do in the partnership? TOCO and Lyanthe coordinate the solutions they offer in such a way that both the SME and the accountant benefit from good information sharing between both parties. “A matter of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” says Philippe Kimpe, CEO of TOCO. “The accountancy market will ultimately benefit from service providers who collaborate in order to provide better services, than service providers that don’t.” 

Where TOCO focuses on supporting communication between SMEs and accountants, Lyanthe focuses on fully automating the processing of the administrations. “We notice that SMEs are increasingly asking for up-to-date management information,” says Philippe. “The collaboration between TOCO and Lyanthe ultimately ensures that SMEs gain insight into their figures faster.”

“By automating the labor-intensive pre-accounting process, we can actually fulfill the ambition of giving more attention to the customer,” says Jochem Baars, Managing Partner at Lyanthe. “We see that accountancy firms that use our services can easily process 200-300 invoices per employee per hour. Not only that, receipts and invoices are also processed and booked much faster. The collaboration with TOCO enables us to actually go full circle, from delivery by SMEs to rapid feedback by accountant. ”